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Behind us are two days of TROUT UNION CUP ''TOUR 1'', Czech Republic 2015. Tournament which has hosted 23 teams - 92 competitors from even 12 countries on a fallacious river Bečva in city of Valašske Meziriči. It was a competition of best trout competitors of the world and takes a place on a top of tournaments by these proportions.

From the begining of creation and organizing this event, with so many interests, we knew that this tournament will be a very interesting with a healthy and quality competition. First of all, river Bečva is not an mountain river and as such it's configuration is very different. From calm river parts to parts with strong current and stream. In addition to that on this tournament applied best competitors in the world. So, for a best qualifications, from competitors was expected no any mistakes.

In front organization team of TUCAS Sport Fishing Association and our mutual friend Stanislav Pernicky, as representative of the host, with city Valašske Meziriči and Czech Fishing Comittee organization of Trout Union Cup was a very big challenge. We needed to secure everything on a highest possible level. Long preparation and previous experience was necessary. Every compliment must be given to a selfless help from hosts and all other who participate in organization in any way.

On this occasion River Bečva was restocked by 1.300 kg of rainbow and brown trout in schedule: for training with 200 kg, for 1st day of competition with  600 kg and for a 2nd day of competition with 500 kg. Fish was mixed sizes between 200 grams and 800 grams but mostly sized around 200-300 grams. Also, river Bečva have a naturally big population of wild trouts where some specimen units are very well sized which provide unforgetable fight when cought.


Competitors are hardly wait for begining of competition. First signals gave vent to competitors and fishing started. From the begining, domestic teams: Czech, Slovakia and Poland shows their skills and advantage between others on rivers like this one. It is a question of training and team work for which one we can congratulate. After 4 legs by 45 minutes it was cought 1.264 fishes. Fantastic number of coughts guarateed to competitors show and joy.

After collecting results we made clasification for 1st day. Domestic teams confirmed they advantage and takes first 8 places in individual classification. First place was for Juraj Vaclavic (Slovakia-2), second place takes Peter Marcin (INT-1-Slovakia) and third place takes Michal Tichy (Czech-2). Lagging behind with the minimum difference were Tomasz Duer (Poland-2) and Peter Hornak (Slovakia-1).

In team classification first place was for team Slovakia-2 (places 6-5-2-1), second place for International-1 (places 1-2-5-8) and third place takes Czech-2 team (places 3-1-14-4). Behind them were Slovakia-1 (places 2-7-13-2) and Bulgaria-1 (places 7-3-12-5).

Sector A - Day 1
Sector B - Day 1
Sector C - Day 1
Sector D - Day 1

Individual Page 1 - Day 1
Individual Page 2 - Day 1


On captain's meeting we made a new drawing for second day of tournament. Team captain's didn't make any substitutions or team changes. River was restocked with a fresh 500 kg of rainbow trout and everything was ready for a start.
Second day of competition started. From the begining, leaders from Day 1 show they wish and fight to remain on top. Fishing was fantastic, catches were one after the other. After 1st leg of 45 minutes many competitors returned with more than 20 catches in all sectors. Ablosute record was made by a Jiri Špada from Czech-1 team who catch 45 fishes in 45 minutes. After 4 legs by 45 minutes competitors catch amazing 1.701 trout. That was really breathtaking.
It was a excellent day for Bulgaria-1 team. With team places 1-3-5-1 they made a brilliant step forward. Georgi Getov and Todor Kostadinov were sector winners and pulled the team to 1st place. From before Trout Union Cup's we we are familiar about their skills and we were know that they can suprise us all. Slovakian teams 1 nad 2 confirmed they stand on top with places: Slovakia-1 (4-4-2-16) and Slovakia-2 (5-2-4-12).

After collecting all results and making calculation for both days, hard work of Bulgaria ''1'' team has payed off. They stand on top of the list. Slovakia ''2'' and Slovakia ''1'' team confirms they place high on a list with great team work and skills. Suprise on list was International-1 team with competitors Marek Rojtas (Slovakia), Peter Marcin (Slovakia), David Vojacek (Czech Republic) and Martin Foltyn (Czech Republic) who also made excellent results. But, by the rules of Trout Union Cup international teams can be ranked only in individual category and so we acted. They were on top of the table and are worth of mentioning.
In individual classification Juraj Vaclavik (1-2) confirms his stay on top of the board. Just behind him Peter Marcin (1-3) follows. Great jump on the list was made by Georgi Getov by sector win on 2nd day. From 11th place with win jumps on 3rd place individual (3-1).  

1st place - BULGARIA ''1''
2nd place  - SLOVAKIA ''2''
3rd place - SLOVAKIA ''1''
Team classification - TOTAL
Team winners

1st place - JURAJ VACLAVIK
2nd place - PETER MARCIN
3rd place - GEORGI GETOV
Individual classification - TOTAL Page 1
Individual classification - TOTAL Page 2

Individual classification

Award giving and closing ceremony was made on open in front of Hotel Apollo. With all attendees to award giving arrival of major of city Valašske Meziriči honoured us. After speaks and major welcome we started with award giving of our selfless sponsors.

In inindividual category awards were:
3rd place - 500 Euro Certificate + Medals + Pontoon 21 Psychogun rod 
2nd place - 750 Euro Certificate + Medals + Pontoon 21 Unitra rod  
1st place - 1.000 Euro Certificate + Medals + Pontoon 21 Stylo rod + Pontoon 21 rod tube

and for a team category:
3rd place - 1.000 Euro Certificate + Medals
2nd place - 2.000 Euro Certificate + Medals
1st place  - 3.000 Euro Certificate + Medals + Glass Cup 

These fantastic rewards were secured by our sponsors: Angler's Zone, Pontoon 21, DUO, Anre's, ZipBaits and St. Croix. We all thank them for selfless help and their ensure of these rewards.

On behalf of Sport Fishing Association TUCAS, in front of our sponsors we thank you all for being a part of TROUT UNION CUP 2015. We all made it great as it is and we gave him a character. A character of FAIR PLAY and Catch&Release. Behind us are two days of great rivarly and fishing. We are sure that you didnt miss excitement and competition spirit. We hope that you all bring home good memories, that you enjoyed and that you will join us on autumn TROUT UNION CUP TOUR ''2''.

On behalf of Sport Fishing Association TUCAS and in front of our great sponsors we congratulate to the winners. Congratulations on Fair Play, knowledge and skills used and needed for win on tournament of these proportions. 


It was a good day for making history.

*12* Countries
*23* Teams
*45* Catches in 45 min
*92* Competitors
*2.965* Trout catches
*8.250* Euro certificate awards !!!


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Thank you all and see you on autumn

Best regards,
Mario Matijašić

petak, 24. travnja 2015.


Today (24.04.) in Valašske Meziriči , Czech Republic on river Bečva TROUT UNION CUP TOUR ''1'' is OPEN. With totally 23 teams - 92 competitors from even 12 countries we made opening ceremony in Hotel Apollo. In good atmosphere of all present competitors and teams we were honored by the arrival and speech from major of city Valašske Meziriči and by presidents of regional and city fishing organizations. 

Today also, on river Bečva were held official training in sectors. In that occasion river Bečva was restocked by 200 kg of rainbow trout. The fish is very healthy and in good condition and they respond very well what guarantee us very good fishing. After training, we restocked river by 300 kg of brown and 300 kg of rainbow trout for tomorrow's 1st day competition and start of contest for prestige awards secured by our selfless sponsors (Angler's Zone, Pontoon21, ZipBaits, Duo, Anre's and St. Croix).