utorak, 18. ožujka 2014.


Dear competitors,                       
Trout Union Cup as we all can see, underwent a major uprising. That fact happened thanks to all you trout fans, without which this cup is not possible. Now, we have a tournament full of top class competitors and teams which stimulates all of us to do our best results, to be even better. 

Organizators, TUCAS Sport Fishing Association, Spinning club ''Old Otters'' and Bulgarian Fishing Committe will try to provide you the best of each segment of the event. With great support of our sponsors Anglers Zone, Pontoon 21, ZipBaits, St. Croix, DUO and Anre's are created excellent conditions and opportunities for the organization, to transfer an idea into action.  

With 20 and more so far registered teams (individuals included) from more than 11 countries, this tournament became one of the largest and strongest competitions in region, we could say and in Europe.

Chaya river is waiting for us. Iam looking forward to see you all, to spent a great time and have good fishing. Tournament is in spirit of Catch&Release and FairPlay modus and so comply with it. In front of organizators I want you all Tight Lines and let the best team win.

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