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Every story about TROUT UNION CUP is special and beautiful. I like it in many ways. I like people who I am working with, I like friendly environment, I like prestige competition and I like you all competition participants. It was really comfortable and joyful to make it, to be one of organizers, to see you all. So it was again, this time, on great finale of year 2015.

From the middle of July, when Trout Union Cup has been announced, teams show very big interest about it. By the deadline for registrations, 10th of September, we received 26 team registrations from 13 countries. Totally 105 competitors. Numbers that impress, record is broken - again. Thank you all what you made us great as we are.


Creating Trout Union Cup Tour 2 with Slovakian fishing team and ''field'' organizers like Mr. Miroslav Antal (World Fly Fishing Champion) and Marijan Bezak (President of Svit fishing federation) was really pleasure. I feel free to say - It's easy when you work with people who know what are they doing. Preparing venue, gathering and teaching referee's, restocking and many other ''hidden'' jobs they done. They done it on time and professionally. Every compliment to them. Despite to that fact, organization of such an event is always challenge. A big challenge. Long preparation and experience were necessary to finalize it to the smallest detail. I think we done it and that all you enjoy it, spend great time, had a nice fishing and that you will keep in in your memories for a long time.

Competition take place on river Poprad from 18.-20. of September 2015. City Svit and river Poprad sounds great from the beginning, but on arrival, they were even more great. Official accommodation Penzion Koliba situated 30m from river, beautiful clean nature with breathtaking look on High Tatra Mountains. River Poprad is mountain river, regulated, wide to 10 m and with many artificial cascades. Depth is various, from 10cm to 120cm. With so many diversities it is very interesting for our discipline, very challenging in many ways.
On this occasion river Poprad was restocked with 1.300 kg of rainbow, brown and brook trout in approximate range  50:30:20 %. Fish size was various, rainbow trout 2-3 per kg, brown and brook trout 4-6 per kg. Also, river Poprad is naturally populated with the most of brown trout whose specimens are very well sized (over 50cm).
Beauty of brown trout!
Brook trout!
Well sized rainbow's!
Official training and first captain meeting
On Friday, 18th of September, teams were ready for training. With so many teams, length of the venue was about 1 km per sector so teams were very active and curious. They needed to make tactics, remember, try and feel so many different parts of river best as they can. After training was time for captains meeting. On meeting was no any complaint on venue so organizers started with marking and restocking. Among drawing and discuss, we made announcing of valuable prizes provided by our sponsors.
Team class - 1st place!
Individual class - 1st place!

Restocking river Poprad!
Sponsors again surprise us all. Excellent news came from St. Croix rod making company. St. Croix announce new Trout series of rods and the name of series will be Trout Union. They honored us very well. Their slogan is ''Best rods od Earth'' and without doubts Trout Union will be in class.


1st Day of Competition
Clouds were partly cover the sky and gave us rainy periods but looks on the venue cheers up everybody. By the small summer time water level fish were deployed by the whole venue what promise good fishing. Competitors are hardly wait for beginning of competition. First signals and fishing started. A lot of catches in just few first minutes. A lot of job for referee's. Like always, later, number fish strikes dropped. Competitors had 2 options: persuade viewed fish or with fast moving find active fish. Best adjustment and skills are showed by Poland 1, Czech Republic 2 and Russia 1 competitors who take first 3 places on Day 1. Competitors Pavel Hornak, Georgi Getov, Lukasz Panas and Maris Rublans were sector winners. After 4 legs by 45 minutes it was cought 1.170 fishes.

2nd Day of Competition
New drawing was made and river was restocked with remaining 500 kg. Sunday morning come but for all, surprise was waiting. All night rain raise water level for more than 30 cm and  made it very muddy. On first look fishing seemed impossible. Quick captains meeting was made and decision was to wait 2 hours. Water level didn't dropped but some fishing activities were noticed. On repeated captains meeting decision about that we're still competing was adapted. Decision was adapted by voting, even we're guided by Fipsed rules who says that competition will be cancelled only if is dangerous to competitor. We take care on each team opinion and that's how it's made.

Rain stopped for a while and competition started. Sectors with a little bit steady water like C and D gave us first catches. Rain started again but water became clearer and water level was dropping. More catches counted. It was a real adaptation test for every competitor. Slovakia 1 and 2 knew how to use the situation. Rapid adaptation and Czech Republic 2 and Russia 1 was moved from first places. Excellent move and great day for Slovakia teams. Pavel Hornak wins in sectors D, Jaroslav Samela joins to him by winning in sector B and Slovakia 2 team is on throne. Similar situation was with Slovakia 1 team. Peter Hornak win in sector C but Martin Forbak also joins on top, 3rd place for him in sector A. Excellent performance these two leads Slovakia 1 team on third place.

The only team who kept place on podium is Poland 1 team. After their win in from Day 1, they needed to keep points advantage and defend the title. Very well experienced Sebastian Mazur knew how to trick fish and earn points. Second place for him in sector C. Other team members also we're good, in better half, and result is here. Like a team they dropped from first to second place.


1st place - SLOVAKIA ''2''
2nd place  - POLAND ''1''
3rd place - SLOVAKIA ''1''

1st place - PAVEL HORNAK
2nd place - PETER HORNAK
Individuals - Page 1/3
Individuals - Page 2/3
Individuals - Page 3/3

Award giving and closing ceremony was made on open in front of Penzion Koliba.
In individual category awards were:
3rd place - 500 Euro Certificate + Medals + Pontoon 21 Psychogun rod + Tackle
2nd place - 750 Euro Certificate + Medals + Pontoon 21 Unitra rod  + Tackle
1st place - 1.000 Euro Certificate + Medals + Pontoon 21 Stylo rod + Tackle
and for a teams:
3rd place - 1.000 Euro Certificate + Medals + Slovakian National Souvenir
2nd place - 2.000 Euro Certificate + Medals + Slovakian National Souvenir
1st place  - 3.000 Euro Certificate + Medals + Slovakian National Souvenir
These fantastic rewards were secured by our sponsors: Angler's Zone, Pontoon 21, DUO, Anre's, ZipBaits, St. Croix and Owner. We all thank them for selfless help and their ensure of these rewards.

Winner of the Year 2015.
Our new motivational award is prestige recognition ''Winner of the Year 2015.'' It is individual and team recognition for constant excellent results during 2015. In  this category it was a constant fight between best of us, many skills and knowledge needed to be shown, no mistakes allowed.
Results we made by sum of places from Tour 1, Czech Republic and Tour 2, Slovakia.
Individual Classification
PETER HORNAK - Angler OF The Year 2015.
Team Classification
SLOVAKIA 2 - Team Of The Year 2015.
Slovaks again showed their superiority on this type of fishing, it is not by chance, their superiority is present every year at the World Championships and on Trout Union Cup's, especially now when, like raising stars, Pavel and Peter Hornak have place in team. If we need to learn from someone, then the Slovaks are the one's. 
Congratulations to all winners. Congratulations on Fair Play, knowledge and skills used and needed for win on tournament of these proportions.
On behalf of Sport Fishing Association TUCAS, in front of our sponsors and organization team we thank you all for being a part of TROUT UNION CUP 2015. Behind us is a year of great rivarly and competition. We are sure that you didn't miss excitement and competition spirit. We hope that you all bring home good memories, that you enjoyed and that you will join us next year.

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See you next year !!!